Monday, June 25, 2012

Thank you...

So Much Love was born when I was trying to organize ideas and inspiration for my own wedding. The time went by and it became a starting point for those who, like me before, were looking for something different. It grew into Special Moments and that brought to me some fantastic couples to whom I've dedicated myself with passion. A big thank you to all of them!
And since life nevers stops I became a mother: struggling with time to do what I like best - but very happy in the process!
Its not easy to manage time to maintain things with the quality I want, so So Much Love will be on hold for now on...
I leave you with this film that always reminds me that we can achieve anything in this life!

Thank you all, and see you around!

P.S.- The Special Moments by So Much Love blog will continue and will be modified to the faithful followers become equally pleased. For those who had this page saved in your favorites, please add this.
Again, my thanks for these fantastic years!
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